America's Got Talent
Redefining "We're with you in spirit."
Hologram Ellen
Ellen stuns fans shopping in her gift shop
NBC News CES Highlights
Proto wins again at CES 2023
Proto Pixar Filter
You, as a Pixar character
Entertainment and the coming Mini Hologram
The future of live events
BBC WITH Usain Bolt
Wanna play a game?
Proto in Healthcare
Holograms at UCF
Volumetric Visualization
Changing the way we experience the world
Dallas Cowboys surprise fans via hologram
Paris Hilton debuts hologram at her own party
Christie's auction house uses Proto to grow audiences and reduce carbon impact
Four Seasons founder beams via hologram to Beverly Hills
Metro Boomin and Spotify become first to cook up a beat live via hologram
Contact Us To Learn More
Contact Us To Learn More
Beam Anywhere
What if your executives or celebrity spokespeople could speak at events without traveling there? Or your retail windows had real people, not mannequins, modeling every style in the store? These are a few of many possibilities driving worldwide interest in Proto, a hologram unit that can project anyone anywhere, in three dimensions, live or pre-produced. Mills James is now in possession of a Proto unit. We're looking for companies interested in exploring Proto technology for its communication and marketing possibilities.
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